Building an inclusive society

“Thanks to this, I’ve learned about myself, how can I manage my family and specially my son that has his disability, I’ve received so much help, I hope other families seek for that help and obtain improvements too. ¡Thank you so much!”


“These are really great tools, we hope they gain more diffusion and reach more families, because they are indeed very valuable and you cannot find them everywhere. Here we have the support by all the family scientists ¡Thank you!”

Santa Cruz Olmos family

“When we got here we were going through a rough situation that kept us sad for a while. I didn’t know how to manage my emotions and so much less knew how to teach my kids to manage theirs; for them to be happy. I put my faith in the association, I saw in every session our continuous improvement. I feel more confident and fuller; therefore, my kids are well and will continue to be well.”

Erika Sandoval Family

“The call to familia incluyente was the best step I’ve made, from there the transformation depended on us 3, because I started to make myself responsible to let each one, on their own way, address their responsibility. To let my daughter with disability recognized her own disability but also her capacity. It made me see everything differently. My daughter with a disability contributes more to the family. You have no idea how much this helps. Our donors give the money and us our willpower, the motivation to be better.”

Gómez Robles Family

“I am mother to a daughter with a disability and I needed a lot the help from other people, my children are really good with us but I didn’t know Chio very well, I had not integrated her into the family; I needed the guidance of familia incuyente and thanks to them there has been a lot of changes in my family. Chio is so happy and my children are closer. Thanks to the family scientists that visited us, we are so grateful with you because you taught us to coexist together.”

Rojas Valles Family

We protect the privacy of the families; therefore, we don’t show any personal data that may risk their integrity.