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Familia Incluyente A.C.

What is Familia Incluyente A.C.?

We are a non-profit association that promotes the inclusion into society of people with a disability through personalized assistance of their families.

How can they help me if I am father or mother?

Family consulting:We assist you in your familiar and emotional process through personalized consultancies.

Family educational project: The project has as a main goal the contribution to the knowledge of every family member as well as to detect communication and affective needs, roles and discipline, in order to achieve, comprehend and contribute to the independence of the person with a disability and improve the family dynamics.

Family workshop “Building my inclusive family” An informative and recreational workshop aimed at the nuclear and extensive family. The workshop stands out for being personalized, according to the personality, needs and barriers of the person with a disability.

The main objective is to know better about the disability and provide tools that allows them to connect with empathy, inclusion and to educate in the independence of the person with a disability.

If I am a father, where can I reach for help?

Write down your case and send it to or visit us at Rayón #835 Col. Moderna, Guadalajara, Jalisco. During the office hours, from 9:00 am to 19:00 pm.

When was Familia incluyente A.C. founded?

On august 24th of 2018 was established by Andrea Flores, the founder president of the civil association.

Does family assistance have any cost?

Family consultancy :
Individual session $350.00 mxn
Partner session $500.00 mxn

Educational family project:
Session $750.00 mxn

Family workshop “Building my inclusive family”
Workshop $1500.00 mxn

*(The grant applies according the results of the socio-economic study)

Which are the human development workshops for companies?

The value of a person and its productivity. 3-hour duration.
1. Who is the person?
2. Sense of the existence
3. Work as a service
4. Trascendent meaning of work
5. Positive attitude = productivity

Leadership: A way of living. 3-hour duration.
1. Leadership
2. Own lordship
3. Service and solidarity
Aimed at collaborators of medium management and senior management

Emotional and social intelligence. 3-hour duration.
1. What are the emotions?
2. The emotional brain
3. The nature of emotional intelligence
4. Assertive vs not assertive communication. Tools for the development of emotional intelligence
Aimed at collaborators of any rank.

Sense of life. 3-hour duration.
1. Viktor Frankl’s current of thought
2. Freedom and responsibility
3. Will of sense
4. Daily life sense
Aimed at collaborators of any rank.

Family and work. 3-hour duration.
1. Family mission and vision
2. Work at family’s service
3. Greater statistics of progress with home office
4. Family beliefs and values about work
5. Equilibrium between work and family
Aimed at collaborators of any rank.

Which are the workshops about the disability culture for companies?

Disability culture. 3-hour duration.
Disability care models.
1. Disability concept
2. Types of disability
3. Inclusion definition
4. Care protocol
Aimed at collaborators of any rank.

Personal assistance: Road to autonomy. 3-hour duration. 1. Concept and perception of disability
2. Social model of disability
3. The rights of people with a disability.
4. Personal assistance and support system to willpower.
5. Overprotection vs autonomy
Aimed at collaborators of any rank that coexists or looks after people with a disability.

Inclusion of people with a disability at the workplace. 3-hour duration. 1. Social model: Job applications
2. The rights of people with a disability at the workplace.
3. Are we barriers or bridges?
4. Reasonable adjustments
Aimed at collaborators of any rank.

Mobility without barriers. 3-hour duration. 1. Concept of disability
2. Types of disability and its barriers.
3. Terminology
4. Protocol for people
5. Are we barriers or bridges?
Aimed at drivers, chauffeurs and road attendants.

Can I receive economic support by Familia Incluyente?

No, Familia Incluyente is an association that provides support aligned to the development of people.

Do they provide physical therapy or rehabilitation for people with disabilities?

No, we provide assistance to the families of people with disabilities through an intervention model.

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